Welcome to 287a.com

This website allows US patent owners to easily and conveniently comply with the US patent marking statute, 35 U.S.C. 287a.

As recently amended, patent owners may now mark their products with the word “patent” or the abbreviation “pat.” together with a web address that associates the patented article with the patent number. By fulfilling this simple obligation the patent owner may be entitled to up to six years of back damages in the event of an infringement.

Using 287a.com is the low cost way to protect your investment and preserve your rights against infringers. And you only have to mark your product once. Patent number updates can be added via the web without the need to change your product labeling.

To satisfy the US marking requirement simply:

   1. Register your company on 287a.com
   2. Enter your products and their associated patent numbers (or we can do that for you); and
   3. Mark your product or label with our "stamp" or with the text "Pat. 287a.com”

That’s it. Your product is protected and infringers are officially put on notice of your rights. We will also keep complete records of your marking activity so you can prove the notice date.

287a.com is the fastest, easiest and best way to fulfill your patent marking obligations.